K-pop 101: #8 artsy edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago


Dear readers and patients,

Welcome to the first Kpop 101 in a very long time. Starting this post it's going to be a weekly series. There will also be a big announcement very soon so look forward to that. In this post I'm going to talk about 5 music videos with a rather weird theme. Artsy or better known by it's professional term, artistic. Now when is something artistic? No idea, but I think these music videos fit the term quite well.

SPICA - Tonight

Although Spica is a fairly known group they are still one of the most underrated groups in all of Kpop. Spica's vocal prowess are top notch and their music videos are always fun to watch. That's why I find it rather crazy that “Tonight” is their only song break into the top 10 of South-Korea’s music charts. For “Tonight” they collaborated together with famous singer Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sangsun. The couple produced the music video and Hyori also makes a brief appearance in it. The song itself is also written by Hyori and another very famous singer, BoA. The result of these collaboration has resulted in what is one of my favourite songs and music videos. You can check out a future post written by Marcus for more on Spica's talent.

G-Dragon – Coup d'etat

Most of G-Dragon's songs can be featured on this list, but this one takes the cake. It features a lot of unique imagery that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I have read a lot of MV breakdowns and each and every one of them is different. Some say it's a message towards politicians. Something I highly doubt, because Kpop artists tend to stay away from anything that has to do with politics. Other people say it's directed towards the entertainment industry that has become to much about money and fame. I'm part of the group that thinks that it's more about himself. Just watch the video and you will see why so many people have different opinions about it. In the end only G-Dragon knows what it's about.

Wings – Hair short

Wings are a female duo consisted of Yeseul and Nayoung. Up until now they released only two songs “Hair Short” and “Blossom”, with the first song being their debut. After that they featured in two other music videos by different artists, but that was the last thing they did. They have not brought out anything since 2014 and since their songs were not a commercial success on the Korean charts I doubt we will be seeing more of them. If look on their official twitter and facebook you will also see that their last message were from February 2015. It is a shame, because they are talented singers, but on the other hand so are most of the artists in the Kpop industry.

Hitchhiker - Eleven

What the actual flying f**k is this song. Please don't ask me, because I don't know either. The person who made this had to be on a lot of drugs to be able to make this. The mind blowing thing is that this is not some unknown artist. He was formerly known as DJ Jinu and he debuted in 1996. Later in 1999 he joined the rock band Roller Coaster where he was responsible for bass. After Roller Coaster he changed his stage name to what it is today. Now here come the biggest mindf**k. He has produced/composed/arranged songs for some of the biggest Kpop groups out there including Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Shinee and many more. How he came out with a song like this is beyond me and seeing the dislikes on the video, I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Jiyeon – Never ever

Let's return to a music video that is a bit more normal and that doesn't hurt our ears. The music video for “Never ever” has a very movie like appearance. The video even begins with showing credits. I was very happy when I heard that Jiyeon would have a solo debut. People who know me even a little bit know that Jiyeon is one of my favourite girls in Kpop and the music video didn't disappoint me. It features some pretty sexy shots and dance moves, but it doesn't just end with that. The reason the music video is on this list is because of the stop motion aspect. It is something that I have not yet seen being done in any other music video.

In the next instalment of Kpop 101 I will be showing you and talking about another thing that Kpop has lifted into an art form, dancing.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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