Korean Culture Counseling: Korean Politeness: Brothers and Sisters

by: Laura posted: 3 years ago



Dear patients and readers,


In Korea, being polite is very important. This means you have to know how old someone is, what their status is and how their position compares to yours.


In the case of siblings, differences are being made between older and younger siblings and between boys and girls. Sounds confusing right? I’ll make it a little easier for you.


If you are a girl:


Your older sister is called 언니(Unnie)

Your older brother is called오빠(Oppa)



If you are a boy:


Your older sister is called누나(Noona)

Your older brother is called (Hyung)


So how do you call your younger siblings?


Your younger siblings are called 동생 (Dongsaeng).

However, if you want to say that you have a younger sister, you say: 여동생을있어요 (I have a younger sister).

If you have a younger brother, you say: 남동생을있어요(I have a younger brother).



Dr. Hallyu

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