Event Report: Strictly KPop HERE I COME!

by: Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Soooooo........ Strictly KPop it is!

In two weeks there will be a kpop party in Rotterdam which i was not able to go to. It was because i didn't have to money to pay for the traveling expenses and also not the ticket. but then a miracle happened!

But what happened?....

Well to put it this way, i have a friend that lives in the Netherlands now and he is going back to Sweden in January. Strictly KPop might be the last chance to see him before he goes back. And he kept pushing me and pushing me and pushing me to come. I kept on replying with: ''No! i don't have the money i already told you that!''. Then one day he asked again and then i replied: ''you know what, maybe if you pay for my ticket i will reconsider''. And he actually said yes! how lucky am i right?!

So that is one thing.Then i told my mom about how is was not able to go to the party. A few days later she walked into my room and asked me: ''How much money do you need for the train t the party and korean school?'' Then i had to calculate everything out and finally came to an answer. Then my mom decided to give me the money for the traveling expenses to Strictly KPop with the money i was already supposed to get! It really made my day! That ment that i could go and have the time of my life at Strictly KPop! I didn't have to worry about sleeping place because last time i went to the hostel, a lot of people just stayed up in the lobby waiting for the people who did get a room to wake up. They did not have to pay A CENT! So i am deciding to do that too next time so i can at least pay for my breakfast at Mc Donald's.

I will keep you updated when the party is over!

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