Event Report: Seasonal Kpop Meeting: Winter Edition 2015

by: Laura, Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Annyeong people and patients!

On the last day of January 2015, the seasonal kpop meeting -also  known as skm- took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. And of course Dr. Hallyu attended!

Since I had somewhere to be later in the afternoon, I met early with a bunch of other people -for many of them it was their first time at skm, as it was for me- and we headed to club Empire as soon as skm started. I had a great time with all of my friends and even sung my heart out at the noreabang machine. Unfortunately me and Marcus were only able to meet for a very brief moment since he arrived when I had to leave, but nonetheless it was a great experience and I'm already looking forward to the next meeting!


I arrived at Seasonal Kpop Meeting after a quick journey straight from Korean School. The moment I got there,I immediately got hugged by a ton of people hahaha. It was my fifth time so I knew a lot of people. I didn't get to experience a lot inside of the club because I could only stay there for a couple of hours. I went to the noraebang machine with some of my friends and Laura and I had a great but brief time together! After that we went straight to the Korean BBQ restaurant Kimchi Bar. It was amazing and i tasted a lot of new Korean kinds of food since it was my first time. There was even Kpop on the tv there. At last in the evening we went to a place near the cinema to dance out the last amounts of Kpop vibes in the middle of the street. Hahaha no shame though. Eventually everyone went home. I went to sleep immediately after arriving at my house. The day was amazing and I definitely recommend everyone who loves Kpop to go there too next time!


Dr. Hallyu

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