Career Examination Operation: #1 DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki

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Well hello patients!

Through the years we have encountered a lot of K-pop groups that are amazing and mindblowing, but there is one of these groups that really stands out and has been through a lot of ups and downs and still remains succesful even ten years after their debut. Ofcourse i'm talking about Dong Bang Shin Ki. Also known as just DBSK, TVXQ or in Japan called Tohoshinki.


Xiah Junsu
December 15, 1986

Max Changmin
Febuary 18, 1988

U-Know Yunho
Febuary 6, 1986

Hero Jaejoong
January 26, 1986

Micky Yoochun
June 4, 1986

Let's start at the beginning with their debut song Hug!

TVXQ made their debut in a BoA and Britney Spears showcase. They performed their debut single Hug and an acapella version of O Holy Night. In October 2004 they released their debut album Tri-Angle. The album included their following singles The Way You Are and the song with the same name Tri-Angle.


On September 12, 2005 the group released their second album Rising Sun. It was their breakthrough album and it debuted at number one on the charts. It was the fourth best-selling record of 2005. The group's single of the same name was an instant hit and it became the trademark for TVXQ.

In Febuary 2006 the group started their first headlining tour. The Rising Sun Tour. On September 29, 2006, the group released their 3rd album ''O''-Jung.Ban.Hap. The album became the best selling album only one month after its release. The album brought them a lot of succes and the group won a LOT of awards that year. They even won an award in Japan. In January 2007 TVXQ started their second international tour. The second Asia tour: "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.

After their succesful promotion in Japan they went back to Korea. In August 2008 they started preparing for the promotion of their fourth album Mirotic. The group had more creative control over this album. Yunho wrote the raps for several songs, Changmin and Junsu wrote the lyrics for two songs and Jaejoong recorded his own song.The album entered the charts at number one and sold more than a 110.00 copies within its first week. The group set a new record with ther sales. Mirotic became an iconic K-pop and became one of their most popular and well known songs. Mirotic won 9 awards in music shows and earned the name ''Album of the Decade''.

In July 2009 the group split. Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun filed a lawsuit against their entertainment company SM Entertainment. They were claiming that their thirteen year contract was way too long, the scedules were held out without permission and the profits were unfairly distributed. Changmin and Yunho wanted to stay with SM Entertainment and they released a statement in favor of SM. As a result of the legal battle, their Mirotic tour was prematurely cancelled. Despite their legal battles, TVXQ continued releasing singles in Japan. Their last single together was released in early 2010. The song they were performing was Stand By U.

After the breakup, Yunho and Changmin continued to perform with pre/recorded versions of older songs with only two members. They got a lot of posotive reactions, which led to the decision to continue on as a duo. On January 5, 2011 TVXQ released their first album as a duo and their fifth album in total. The album was called Keep Your Head Down. The album debuted at number one at the Gaon Album Charts. The album also got a repackedged version. Before U Go was the name of the title song and the album. It pushed the album to the third best-selling album of 2011 in South Korea.

In September 2012 the duo released their 6th korean album Catch Me. Following the album they also announced their first world tour. The album became their second number one album. The album maintained its number one spot on the Gaon Charts for 3 weeks. On November 26 they released the repackedged version of Catch Me, Humanoids. Humanoids also topped the charts and became number one. Two days after the release of Humanoids, SM Entertainment and JYJ dropped the lawsuits and came to a settlement. Hereby ending their three-year legal dispute. They would to an agreement to not interfere with each others activity.

In November 2013 their debut anniversary album was announced called Tense. The album was released January 6, 2014. The critics stated that Tense was the duo's best Korean album to-date. It, like all their other albums, debutet at number one at the Gaon Charts. Within the first week it already sold 73,100 copies. The album has a little bit of neo soul and throwback inspired pop music on it. It was described as a more mature album then what the duo previously released. On Febuary 27, 2014, The duo released a repackedged version of Tense called Spellbound. It debuted at number two at the Gaon Album Charts. It sold 61,405 copies in two days.

They are currently promoting in Japan with their newest album WITH. Maybe I will do a Tohoshinki career review too someday. Most of you probably notice i didn't write anything about their japanese promotions. I did that because it is really a lot and i would like to do that in another career review. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this one and I hope we see you again.

With kind regards,
Dr. Hallyu

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