Career Examination Operation: #2 Akdong Musician

by: Laura posted: 3 years ago


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Hello people and patients!

This time we will discuss Akdong Musician.

Akdong Musician, or AkMu, is a duo formed by brother Lee Chanyhuk and sister Lee Suhyhun. This duo won the Korean singing competition Kpopstar 2 The song they performed was Breathe from miss a, However they performed a second song that they wrote themselves. The song's name is ''Don't Cross Your Legs'', in korean 다리 꼬지마.

After their Kpopstar adventure ended, they debuted under YG in 2014 with the song 200%. They followed it up with the ballad song Melted and it was an instant succes. They released their debut album Play shortly after.

Lee Suhyhun and Lee Chanyhuk moved from Mongolia to South Korea in order to persue their singing careers. With their original songs, Suhyhun's beautiful voice and Chanyhuk's musical skills they stood out from the crowd.
Due to this their first album Play became an instant succes.

At the end of 2014 Lee Suhyhun cooperated with Lee Hi in a duo called Hi Suhyhun on a song called I'm different. iKONs' Bobby was featured on this track as well.

We are looking forward to hearing more of the talented duo and we are greatly anticipating a comeback!


Dr. Hallyu

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