Beautiful Life: [Treasure Time!] Mail from the other side of the world

by: Yunhee posted: 2 years ago


안녕 안녕!! Did you guys miss me? I surely missed you and I'm glad I'm back with a whole new thing!

I want you all to imagine something, something super귀업다. Something like having a 애인 (lover), which unfortunately is at the other side of the world at this moment, visiting family and friends. Normally I'm not this kind of sugar-coated person but here we go. 가자!

So he sent me this parcel with cute and yummy stuff overload! I was really happy and suprised to receive this and wanted to keep the unpacking until I could be with you again, guys! 

Filled with sweets and handy things, this is by far the cutest thing I've ever received. At the top he put ''Ik houd van je'' (time to get cheesy) which means I love you in Dutch. Nice! And as he knows South-Korea AND Japan are by far my fav countries, he mixed them. Thanks dear! (I really had a good laugh because of the USB-fan tho :'D) Now let's zoom in a bit!

For the love of science I just tried some o these chocolate ball cookies and as I love chocolate this is always a plus! Although I smell some diabetes in here... <3

Yeasssss masks! Tried one on yesterday evening and will give you a mini review on the spot: Very refreshing and loves your skin! The material/tissue of the mask however is quite a bit ''hard'' so it could be somewhat a bit uncomfortable for some people. It's having a bit of a problem molding and forming over your skin. Ingredients are lovely, smell is lovely and package is easy to open. Would rate this a 3 out of 5. 

Note to guys: it's always good to give your girlfriend masks, we will NOT feel offended! 

Japanese cookies. Smell amazing, taste a bit fishy. Couldn't finish a whole package but that's ok :) Bet they'll be amazing as a crouton in soup! (Or am I saying superweird things right now?)

FLAVOURED STICKSSSSSS! These ones are so good guys, I've always loved them! Please try them, they come in several tastes. When I saw this coming in I was very happy, as these instant tasty sticks always remind me of the 우유 I always buy. They are supersweet but don't have any weird ingredients in them and for allergy information: They are gluten free! (not all kinds are, but it's always written on the package). Please try mixing up the existing tastes, that's always what I do and its simply lovely!

Well 사람들, that's it for this weeks segment! I'm going to enjoy this package a bit more and try not to finish everything in one evening... At last I'd like to say that I thank you guys for reading our segments and I really hope you enjoy it all! Please don't forget to like My page and our page to enter contests and stay up to date with everything!

xoxo 윤히 <3 


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