Beautiful Life: [Tony Moly] Panda's Dream compact powder

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago



This must be one of the cutes things I have seen in ages! I recently ordered the 토니모리 Panda's wish compact powder (Vanilla) and it just came in! The packaging alone is already to die for! 

Let me quickly get the wrapping off.... 어머어어어


Can they please not make this so cute? Ok, let's see the back of the packaging! Are there any weird things? 

I'll keep this image a tad bigger so you can read the ingredients properly. As far as I see there are no weird things. There is talc for the powdery effect, various kinds of butter so sooth and moisturize, bamboo to calm the skin, the normal ingredients you find in powders and a tad of fragrance. This Tony Moly powder is suitable for a dry and over-sensitive skin! which is very nice to know. You can purchase it without worry and treat your skin well while looking pretty. 좋아!
Let's see, how is the inside??


Simple but effective! This will do. It even has a little panda print on the powder itself, that's superlovely! Now, let's see the shade:



Seems a bit light for me but you all know you should buy powder one shade lighter than your own skin in order to let it blend in well? With a darker shade you will definitely get a ''mask-effect'' and this is absolutely a no-no! So special for you today guys, here's my face without make-up! (currently wearing Etude Collagen eye-cream and cream only -see last blogpost here- and my skin is doing very well this week!)


My skin is a bit red (it always is...) And very reactive as well, so I hope the product will be nice to me and fit me at the same time. Here's the after-picture!


My skin accepts it (even now after a few hours), my freckle blends in nicely and my skin is covered by a healthy glow! 정말 좋다!  It's medium coverage so you still see my redness a bit, although we know I'm not wearing any base to fix my skin as well. Neverthless, I could leave the house shameless with only this on and look fabulous while being natural! Good, it's not giving off a fake-vibe on your face.


Packaging: Definitely a 5++++, it's super cute and simple whilst your pressed powder is well protected.

Quality/coverage: Sincerely a 4, the color and coverage are really good, while not killing your skin. Seems I'm lucky enough to try a lot of good products!

Ingredients: It's mild and nice to your skin, a 4+ as well! It's good for overreactive skin, dry skin and skin that needs extra care, they really picked the ingredients carefully. 

Overall a 4+! That's a real good score. I hope that a lot of people will try the product and have a nice experience with it just like I did! Please don't forget to like my own Facebook page and that of Dr Hallyu Official and share them to enter contests automatically!

나중에 봐요! 



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