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by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago



새로운 review 있어요! (here's a new review!) This one will be quite short due to my new function at my job as I got to be an assistant 사장님(manager)! Please cheer for me with all your love, I need it ㅋㅋㅋ

I always wanted to have an item from Style Nanda, so here it is! My own long-lasting eye pencil  Although I have my own doubts about this products, which I will explain later. 

As you can see, my eyes are pretty big, so just a little touch of make-up does it already. (Don't mind my beautiful flag tho ㅎㅎㅎ) Too much makes my eyes weirdly big, so I went for a more cutesy and droopy line. To make my eyes fuller I also colored my waterline. Here's my result:

 You really have to apply Style Nanda's eyeliner a second time if you want the full black look, but this already was enough for me. 


I really love this subtle line and what it does to my eyes. It's one of the smallest I make, but still makes my eyes be seen. 참 (by the way) Yes I draw my eyebrows! But in a very nice, subtle way. Would you like to learn to draw them subtly? Request me and I could make for you a tutorial in several styles on my page Dr. Yunhee, as I draw mine in a lot of different ways!

Here's the closed look and as you can see it's very subtle! Remember setting the second line after the first one dried if you want a deep black impact on your beautiful eyes.

Now the verdict:

Tip (point of the pen)
It's very small, you can draw a lot and start being picasso on your 얼굴 (eolgul; face), this is definitely a 4+++

A bit boring, but in a blink of an eye you know what you're buying, this will be a 3.

I noticed that as the day lasted my pretty liner was still there, but faded a bit to grey. Maybe next time I should use some primer to fix it (quite lazy...). But as for the eyeliner itself I would give it a 3, I've never seen it fade a bit... grey...

suitable for:
Anyone who wants pretty eyes! But please use a primer. 

Xoxo 화 윤히 의사 

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