Beautiful Life: Project [Etude House] Moistfull collagen 1.0

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


안녕하세요 여러분!!!

So lately I decided to do my bank account absolutely wrong and bought nearly the whole series of Etude House - Moistfull Collagen. The part I bought consists of: Sleeping pack, Collagen stick, Collagen cream, Essence, sheet masks, eye cream and a face wash. Here my little collection:


아름다워요 응! Beautiful, isn't it?

I've been using the products for three days now and I can't tell much difference in my face except for the fact that my face is less dehydrated and really soft as well now! My skin seems a little bit less stressed and that's nice.

How do I use them?
On my face obviously... But for real, I love this series, it even smells 좋아!! It came in about last weekend and I started immediately cleaning my face thouroughly with the face wash. At first I was a little shocked because it seemed to be quite greasy but I got it totally wrong, it actually cleans very well but there's a cream like substance in it that could fool you the first time of use. After this I immediately tried on the sleeping pack as I was getting ready for bed, which really looks like a snail substance (See below), it also felt a bit unusual but my skin didn't disapprove of it.


The next morning I got up I washed my face a bit lighter again and put on a bit essence, which gets into your skin real quick. After that I also applied from this small cute little tiny jar op eye-cream. It feels really light and soft, not bothering your eyes whatsoever!

After the eye-cream came the normal cream which blends into your skin fast as well, making sure you can actually put on your bb-cream/cushion quite fast. Though I guess my favourite is this cute thing: the facial stick.

It's so funny to put on your ''once-to-be'' wrinkles. It's cold but comfy and feels very hydrating. You must wait a few minutes before putting on your makeup, otherwise it won't blend in! 

I am very sorry but I didn't have the thime to get a normal 셀카 (selfie) for a ''before'' picture but I will update you guys in a few weeks when my first product is about to finish with a before and after picture. Also will I release the verdict only then, as for now I still can't say much. I just wanted to share these little treasures and my empty bank account with you!

잘 지내! 
xoxo 윤히 

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