Beautiful Life: [It's Skin] Wedding dress facial cream.

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago

응, 나야! Hi, it's me!

So lately I have this red-ish complexion on my face which I really wanted to get rid of. So I bought this little beauty:

The cute tube already made me squeel from happiness! It's very charming and seduces you. What I also really liked was that they let me notice it's ''skin safe'', I can't stand all cosmetic products for allergic reasons.
So the cream is white and smells good. I've been trying it for several days in a row to see if I'm not really allergic and: I am not :D. It also blends in your skin very well. You could get a bit shocked about the whitening effect but the cream is actually a good base! Make sure not to use too much, otherwise it won't blend into your color nicely, about a 2 centimeter stroke is enough.

So here's my skin without the cream:

It's quite red as you see (Hello sun allergy!). If you have the same problem as me, please be nice to your skin, don't put on too much make-up and get a good SPF, at least 30! Too much make-up can cause your reaction to grow and block your pores from breathing, the spf will make sure your face is safe.

So here's my face after use:

It's still a bit red, but not that bad anymore! It uses as a perfect base ont which I can use the perfect color fitting my skin. It doesn't irritate and feels silky soft! This product makes me superhappy and gives my face a healthy glow. All thumbs up for It's Skin - Wedding face!!!! 


Packaging: Simple but cute, defo a 5. 

Use: Very easy, just don't put on too much! also a 5!

Ingredients/allergy: The 냄새 (naemsae- smell) is very good, not too strong. It's tested too make sure our skin is safe, although I don't know if it's tested on animals... I will rate this a 4.

Durability: It gives my face a healthy glow for about 6 to 8 hours, for a heavy day at work it's supernice. It's also sweatproof, so it doesn't fade during the day! Deserves totally a 5++++!!!

Overall it's a supernice product which is nice for your skin, what more do you need? Will be definitaly be wearing this more often <3

Hope you all liked this overly positive review! Take care of you and your skin,

Loads of love from 윤히!!! 



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