Beautiful Life: [It's Skin] Baby face volume mascara

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


안녕하세요 여러분!

Today I tried a mascara from It's skin, so called ''baby face petit mascara'', and to be ''petit'' it is. It's a soft and cute tube. Yes, a tube... The one which I purchased was the one on the right:

Supercute, 아니요? The package already winked at me so I had to try it once. (once is a lie ㅋㅋㅋ)
So the first time I tried it on I was quite in shock because I haven't used such a brush in a long long time, also did I found out you really need to put on two or three layers to get a very deeper effect in your eyes. Although for a very natural look with cute eyes it's absolutely perfect! The good thing about this product (like most of this brands' ), is that it's very skin-safe and gentle. I can truely say that the mascara didn't become itchy after a whole day at work whilst other mascaras do. This is quite a biggy for me as my skin is supersensitive to anything

The mascara is very small, package all in one doesn't even measure 15cm but it's superhandy to take with you if you need a mascara to go! The bottle is very well filled so it should last you for quite a bit, there's not much air in it (too much air also causes the mascara to dry out) in contrary that I've seen with loads of other ones. 

Here's my result (after a day of long loooong work, so sorry for the face):

As you can see the mascara isn't that big in volume (this is only 하나, one layer tho) but it's been lasting me all day long effortlessly! That's very nice :)


Packaging: 4 - it's supercute! That little angel just winks at me so lovely. The size is nice as well!

effect: 3- it's medium... the more you put on the better but I'm a lazy person.

ingredients: 5+ - it's superskinsafe!!! I don't feel any weird thing, not itchy whatsoever after a whole day.

use: very easy, the brush is easy to handle as well, doesn't feel weird.


Dear people, thank you for reading once again. Due to loads of work my segment is rather short today, please accept my apologies for that. I still hope you liked it and you're going to try this lovely natural mascara!
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안녕 xoxo 윤히 <3


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