Beautiful Life: [Holika Holika] Heartful lipstick

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago



Today's trial is the beautiful and 진짜 really worth it Holika Holika Heartful lipstick. I still remember buying my first one and falling in love, so I was curious about the new series and if the quality remained the same as before. Guess what? IT DID! and the colors became even more 아름다워요! The new series is addictive so please be careful. Here are the two ones I bought to complete my beauty stash:

The colors are so vibrant and lively, as well as they are quiet daring. The bonus thing is the heart-shaped tip, it's not only for fun but you can actually form your lips a bit more! This is superhandy and thoughtful from the developers. It also makes the lipstick really unique and one of a kind. The color comes out really beautyfully. Normally I use a color intensifier but with these ones none is needed. The only thing I think I need is all the colors available. 

So here's one of the colors on my lips (and this is only one layer!). I should also mention that the color is maybe not waterproof but it is lasting if you're a bit careful. You should apply it after two to three hours again which makes your lipstick last long as well. There's also some vitamin E added, so it's moisturizing which is always a good thing for your skin. This lipstick takes care of you as it colors your life. 
The only little minus point is that the lipstick is not kiss proof, so if you'd like to smack a kiss to your family or loved one you should do so carefully. It's quite buttery and you don't want to ruin your beautiful make-up, do you? This is partially the vitamin E's fault and the cacao butter which are both amazing ingredients that don't make your lips dry out in no-time like a lot of lip products. 
Get ready to rock the streets with amazingly beautiful lips with loads of matching colors!


Color: 4, available in a few beautiful ones but they could widen their assortiment.

Ingredients: 3, they could make sure that the lipstick holds onto your lips a bit better, altho your lips feel amaxing while wearing it.

Packaging: 4, it's cute, neat and reconisable

All over a 3,8 which isn't bad at all! Do you have any Heartful Holika Holika? Let me know in the comment section below. Don't forget to like and share our pages to enter competitions automatically. Have any new things you'd like me to try? Let us know.

잘 지내 xoxo 윤히

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