Beautiful Life: The face shop - hair edition!

by: Yunhee posted: 2 years ago

안녕 안녕!!

So this time I dared myself to be a bit more... Daring. By tainting my hair. (I always used to have wild colors, but since about a year I calmed down after having the whole rainbow on my head.) And as I got this plan I tried ''Stylist'' From The Face Shop

Content of the package is simple: a developer, color cream and care mask for use after the tainting. You should leave the taint in for about 30 to 40 분 (bun: minutes) but I'm a girl who needs to be sure of her color and left it in for about 50분...  It was only a bit itchy so I was very happy about that (very sensitive head-skin here!), o for everyone with a quite sensitive skin: this is all safe in use! Yay! 

But I was a bit shocked because:

You see? I was very orange…. But that was just my skin lying to me. In the end the color isn’t this intense, even though I have dark blonde hair and the product is made for Asian hair. I really thought it would be a bit more intense. But hey, I bought myself a 둘째 (dul-jae, second) package and hopefully next time it will be a bit brighter.

 (I like the golden fond tho!)


Application: 4- I apllicated it in only twenty minutes with lots of head massage! 좋다!

The stay-in-hair moment 5- Not much of irritation, not much tickles on my head, 진짜좋다! 참… no leaking as well! I liked it. Did loads of housework in the meanwhile.

The outcome and color: 3- Not as intense as I hoped although I let is set overtime. At the other hand: It’s made of henna, way safer than any other hairtint for you, your skin and environment. My hair wasn’t dry at all either afterwards.

Suited for: If you want a real safe coloring. You could let the taint set for a few minutes more, depending on the color desired.

Hope this gave you loads of infos,


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