Beautiful Life: [Etude House] Jojoba Hairmask

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


As my hair began to split but I wanted to go to the hairdresser later this month, I obviously needed something to revive my poor hairdo. So I stumbled upon this product from Etude House, which claims that your hair will be repaired within minutes, inside-out for about a week. Here's the thing: My hair is very difficult. It's a bit curly in a weird way and always dry. If I don't visit my personal hairdresser for 5 months it will be dying all the way and very hard to position and style. So here we go!!! 우리 간다!!


The left side is the mask that you rinse after three minutes or so (I'm very picky about the results so I let it sit for vife minutes or so) and the right one is the serum which you apply after rinsing on dry/wet hair. It sure smells good and when you rinse your hair it feels amazing. But then there's my head.

It's really bad, especially because I treat it because of curling in weird ways... (already set quite a stop on that because my hairdresser told me to). I advise you to let it set for about five minutes if you've got the same problem. Otherwise masks simply won't help revive our coupes. And now, here's the aftermath:


Looks alright! It's smooth and soft again, I can actually brush my hair! I'm now on day two of the intensive mask being in my hair and it's still quite smooth while normally after a day of treatment you don't see a thing anymore and I can start all over. 


Smell: very nice, not too strong, lasts all day! 4
Ingredients: nothing weird or superagressive, very ''softening'', treats your hair well. 4
packaging: quite a bit of a fight, you have to open it at mini-lids while your hair is wet and your hands are wet as well. You can also spill quite a bit so make sure you catch it up. would also be nice if they made this in a container or so. 2
Serum treatment: you don't really see or feel it doing anything, but I guess it's a completion to the mask you used. 3

An overall of 3,5, that's absolutely not bad! They're not superexpensive and come in gradations of damaged hair so you should try one once!

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xoxo 윤히 

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