Beautiful Life: [Etude House] Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


*Due to my laptop being a little %&$#, upcoming blogs will be very short and I will have no option of putting Korean words in it. Ah, technology... I'm very sorry for this inconvenience and will try to get everything fixed A.S.A.P. because work and beauty goes on! Neverthless I want you guys to enjoy it, so let's get started :) 


안녕하세요 여러분! (Hey! It's working for once!)

So there's this mask from Etude House I'm absolutely in love with, which nourishes and refreshes your skin. It's absolutely handy in times of stress or when you sweat a lot. Let me introduce you to Etude House Hyaluronic Acid Mask. And no worries! It's no poison, it's the same kind of acid your body itself makes to regenerate processes within your body and keep it clean. 


So here's my face before, with loads of stress. I would like you to give a few tips for using a mask!

1. On a clean face!!! Even though it says you can put on your toner etc., please make sure your face is empty and clean so the mask can do its' work rightfully, natural 피부 only!
2. Do it before you go to sleep, because you're not going to wash this off! See it like an overnight mask, the ingredients need to get to work and the best is when you're in total rest. 
3. Relax! for about 30 to 60 minutes do nothing. This makes sure your body concentrates on that working part. I always catch a movie or my fav drama for that moment. Usually I leave it on for about an hour and tap it in very well after that. 
4. The next day: change your pillow and leave it to clean! You don't want any infections do you? Doing this makes sure you're sleeping on a clean part with your face again which avoids pimples, blackheads, infections, acne and wrinkles! Let's keep our skin nice and healthy.

So here's my skin the day after the mask:


It's looking as glowy and healthy as I want! I just added my cream Moistfull Collagen, and I'm ready to do groceries without worries. Let your skin breathe the day after so it regenerates itself. No make-up! You're beautiful anyways.


Packaging: 4, it's quite easy to open and very recognisible. 

price: 5, if you buy this at Etude House itself it wouldn't be more than 800원, so very cheap as well!

Ingredients: 4, very nice for your skin, doens't irritate and gives you a lovely and healthy complex. Very effective after an all-nighter or stressful week. 

In total a 4.5, which is approximately the best a product can get! Do you have any masks you like and I should try? Please leave it in the comment section! Spread the love by liking our official page and by sharing it, you're autimatically entering contests for giveaways!

xoxo 윤히 

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