Beautiful Life: Cushions, beauty on a matress: A'pieu edition

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


안녕하세요 여러분!
Hello everybody and welcome to the very first blogpost from ''Beautiful Life''!

 Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is 화 윤히(Hwa Yunhee), and I will be your very own Korean beauty and lifestyle-guru. As a young passionate woman about Korea and make-up I thought it would be amazing to mix the two and take you into my world of beauty, testing and reviewing products. I am also very passionate about the Korean language so you will find hangul every now and then. Curious already? Let's take a look!

First of all, let me explain you about my rating of products. I will have a 1 to 5 rating system, 1 is very 나쁘다 (nappeuda, bad) and 5 is very 좋다 (joh-da, good). In between those I will rate for example the durability of the product, the packaging and the colours. These qualifications will always be found at the bottom of the product-testings. Let's go!



So it seems (foundation)cushions are all the rage in Korea and now coming up in Europe as well. I ordered one and tried the AIRFIT cushion from A'pieu. Here is a little sneakpeek from my skin before the usage:

Before usage of any kind of make-up I like my hands to be squeeky clean to avoid any kind of inflammation. Now I am keeping my hands even extra clean because I used something I am allergic for, so please don't mind my skin. 
As you can clearly see I treated my skin a cream first, a skin correcting serum to be correct which also helps as a great base for make-up. It keeps your skin healthy and protects it from dangerrrrr as skin cracking, open pores and nasty thingies in the skin. So my number one tip to you would be: make sure your skin is healthy by finding your matching cream or serum! I am always open for reccomendations and to give you assistance to your choice.

 Now let's see the packaging!

 This is obviously the upper-side of the packaging. As you can see it's Shinee and 예뻐요(yeppeoyo, pretty)! It indicates the tint (number 13, the lightest one) and the sunblock very clearly.

You nearly can't see what kind of cushion this is. The bright side: you'll find it in your purse real quick!

The inside is sober and pretty. Normally they come with a mirror to make application easier on the road. Sober but helpful

Comes in squeeky clean with a foil! Although I would love to share one tip: You never know who has had it in his hands, desinfect the upper part which you fold with 70% alcohol just to avoid any skin inflammation and set it to dry for five minutes.

The tone seems very fair but still a little bit dark. Now let's see what it looks like on my skin!

It looks fair but it doesn't cover a whole 100%. For a whole covering I would advise to put some powder over your cushion and you are ready to shine all day long! 


Packaging: 3
They could have made it a bit prettier. I am very judgemental about this as I normally like to buy pretty things.

Functionality of the case: 5
It closes very well to avoid any bacteria, you recognise the case very well and refill is supereasy!

Coverage: 4
It covers red-ish parts on your face very well but if you have lots of acne you will need to put on a second layer or some powder for the ultra coverage. The creamy substantion also gets in your face real quick and it doesn't shine too much. 

냄새 (naem-sae, smell): 5
It smells very welcoming, not too strong and it doesn't bother when you put it on. 

It's a beautiful cushion to put in your handbag. I wouldn't buy it immediately because the packaging is quite boring in my opinion. Covers your flaws beautifully, just put a second layer on after two minutes if you need some more coverage! All in all: a beautiful product for a beautiful prize!

If you still have any questions about this compact or any other korean beauty product, or even if you have an amazing product for me to try click the link Hwa Yunhee official. I will answer all your questions as soon as possible!

다옴주 봐요! See you next week!

Stay beautiful~~ 

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