Beautiful Life: Braceface! Korea vs Europe/Netherlands

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago


안녕하세요 여러분!

So glad I'm typing now because my mouth hurts. Got braces yesterday and it still isn't as bad as I thought it would be. But why did I get them? You know those wisdomteeth you get when you're older? They pushed everything in the lower part of my mouth aside and before I had perfect straight teeth, so this didn't make me 행복해요 at all. 

When wanting a brace you consult your dentist (at least that's how it works here) and they look at what should be done. After that you see how much you need to pay for it, in this case it was around 640 euros. If you've made up your mind you can just get an appointment and get them, depending on the waiting list. It took me about 40 minutes and they were in, stable and well. But is it also this simple in Korea? Let me look this up for you.


There are loads of dentists in Seoul which also put in braces, and by loads I mean a few hundreds of them. A lot of them are sited in the neighbourhood of plastic surgery building (why not fix your teeth while fixing your bum). The prices of braces vary from approximately 500.000 won (only one part of your mouth) to 4000.000 won. So the prices there are quite the same as in The Netherlands. 
you have a variety of kinds of clinics in South-Korea from not so good to best entists/orthodontists. The site of the clinic also varies loads, one could have a private room (this is what most of us are used to) but you could also share a room with other patients. 

Now let's zoom in on a dental clinic, within a huge complex with all proffessions for patients, from plastic surgery to breast cancer to bone transplantations: Samsung
Samsung has a big range in Mouth-care, they do everything to keep a mouth healthy. Their prices are average, it's not really special to go there for a cheap check-up of your mouth but they've got specialists. 
Making an appointment with samsung is really easy, you can either visit their website and go to appointments where you can select the kind of appointment you need or visit their hospital in personal where you can go to the info-counter and ask for an english speaking person. You'll be put up a waiting list, combined with your preffered dates. In Samsung they want you to feel safe and respect privacy a lot, so if you would like a private room for your consult, don't hesitate and ask them. Overall their scores are quite good on health and dental care (normally an 8 out of 10 or higher), this means their building is safe, everything is hygienic and they take care of their patients very well. Their dentistry team consists out of 6 men, whom cover all kinds of dentistry specialties. 
Unfortunately I did not find how long a consultation cost, a brace-plantation and check up, but I guess I'll find out as I'll be there. I'm thinking about setting up a health consultation for the next time I go there, including teeth :) But it seems the time of getting your vbraces done is a maximum of an hour (depending on which kind) which is absolutely acceptable. 

Cosmetic dentist surgery is also getting more popular in South-Korea nowadays, as they have their own beauty standards. It's not shocking if I tell you 1 out of 72 Koreans has had cosmetic surgery and they are topping the worlds' chart. fun fact: 72% of those people are female. 

I hope you liked this little piece of information, for any questions: feel free to ask them on my facebook page

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