Beautiful Life: [Travel time!] Going back to Seoul

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As some of you may know, next week I depart for Seoul again! A new adventure will start once again, visiting 제주-도 (Jeju Island), looking for new items in my webshop, making new friends and seeing old ones again! And all this for the third time in only one year! Talking about lucky! But first it's time for all the 짐 (luggage) to get packed and wrapped. Let's take a look! 

Obviously this is an empty backpack. Normally I take my small carrier with me, but this time I chose my backpack because of the huge carrier I will take with me. And don't be fooled, it may not seem much, but this is as big as my small carrier (51cmX29X16) and it's a stealthy backpack! I got loads of extra pockets on the sides and the back to take everything with me that I need. I can also fasten it to my body to make it easier to carry and relieve my back from some weight. 좋다! So next time you go travel, Look for a good backpack and you'll have one hand free at all times!

This is the 안에 (inside) of the bag, simple but effective, with a particle for my electronics. 아주 Nice!

Candies for my so called 가족 (family) in South Korea. I love to spoil them, because they do so for me as well. They're super nice hosts, friends and family of mine so I can't wait to make them try all this. I'm sure 할머니 (granny) is wondering which soup she should make so at least I'll get to spoil her as soon as I get in the house! 

ALWAYS and ALWAYS make sure you have a set of extra clothes in your handluggage, no matter the means. Don't be lazy and forget them or make yourself want to save space. You never know what happens. I've only been on a plane four times until now and lost my bigger luggage two times out of four. You won't be happy if you've got no extra set of underwear. So in this case, Seoul will be very hot and humid so I took two simple 원피스 (one-piece/dress) and underwear which I won't regret if anything happens. Please travel cautiously! (is that even a word?... ㅋㅋㅋ)

And as for the essentials, pack some minis as they will sell everything normally in stores (for example Watsons where you can even find L'oreal if you're too shy to try out the new stuff). My essentials are, and I'm a lucky one because I don't use loads of make-up, vitamins, eyemake-up remover pads, shampoo, hairtreatment, YSL lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, CC-cream, brow-designer, I-pad, hairstyler and electric toothbrush. They sell everything over there so might you forget something: do not panic! You're safe!

Even after my bag is perfectly packed, I still have some space left, even that space will be used I fear, because I'm not done yet! My flight is next week, so I'll put the rest in later.

Do not forget while packing:
- Your fav medicine/painkiller. I always take my ibuprofen liquid with me, because I'm a migraine and chronic pain patient. So I need a high dose with me just in case and they don't sell it there freely.
- A cream!!!! for your hands and face. Take out a small tube or so and put some in it. Your face and hands WILL get dry and it might even hurt during the flight. Be cautious of this. You could also do a mask which you don't have to wash off.
- Body/facial wipes. I always put some in my bag, because I like to refresh myself every two hours. You're in a quite small space with loads of people, this can't be hygienic if you ask me.
- Some cash money in case the ATM doesn't work and you need money. There are loads of exchange points with good rates at Incheon. Nowadays loads of ATM's work with world wide PIN-cards. 
- Some books or other things you'd like to do, because after three movies you'll get bored!
-In your bigger carrier, don't pack too much! You WILL GO SHOPPING! There are lot of amazing shopping places and you want to save that space, believe me. I'm barely taking anything with me.

And please don't dress too pretty and uncomfortable while boarding. You will want to be comforable. You will want to lay down a little and not smudge make-up everywhere on your favourite shirt. People on the plane really don't care about how you look.

My end of flight routine (approximately an hour before landing):
The lights will go on and there will be breakfast served. After breakfast I always take my beauty-purse out and look for a mint to refresh my mouth a bit. After that I'll clean my face and put some new cream on. I start doing the most basic natural make-up look there is to look ok when I get out of the plane again. This all normally takes about 20 minutes and then you'll start landing bit by bit. After landing I collect my big carrier and look for a washingroom/toilet to look fabulous again and check my face again. At home I normally shower directly and go out for lunch/dinner and sleep for nearly 12 hours after that. You will be 피곤해!!! 

I hope these little tips helped if you're taking a flight anywhere soon. Do you have another routine? Let me know in the comment section or on My facebook page or Our facebook page. Don't forget to hit like and share to enter giveaways for free!
I might be online way less, depending on my schedule and possibilities of sharing my stories in Seoul and other places. This will remain for three weeks! Thanks for reading and see you guys soon again ^^

xoxo 윤히 


(top-picture by me, Seoul last summer)

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