Beautiful Life: All time favourites: Etude House CC cream Silky

by: Yunhee posted: 3 years ago



As I am still waiting for new products to arrive my mailbox to test, I thought it would be a goor idea to introduce you my all time fav! It's the Etude House CC cream - Silky. (obviously the one on the right) All the other products displayed are what I use on a nearly daily base, and the Wedding Dress facial cream is being switched to my serum every now and then to give my skin a good rest. I found out that this pretty CC cream exists last year, back in 명동 (Myeongdong). As soon as I tested it, I fell for it and ever since I always have a stash and wear this one proudly. 


As I'm quiet lazy in make-up I love to have a few items that match well and are easy to apply, like this set that I use on daily base. I also find it very important to look natural and have a healthy skin while wearing make-up, because of daily use. It needs to have this double function, otherwise it's just a no-go ㅋㅋ. 
The CC cream fits a normal to mixed skin easily. My skin even tends to be dry sometimes, but even then it's still 아름다워어어어! It contains SPF30, as well as it corrects flaws on your skin and helps it to stay hydrated. Because it's a CC cream and not a foundation, it doesn't cover all the flaws perfectly, but for the matter of a fact: I like that, I'm not perfect. I like it somehow to be a more natural look and not a dolly look. 

Take a little look at the cream and how I apply it:

I always ''tap'' little parts on my face just to know that it's everywhere. One pump on your hand is enough for your whole face, this makes the bottle last real long (about two months or so). Sorry for the derp ㅎㅎㅎ. The Cream itself looks quite white, but blends into your skintone to make a perfect natural look. 자연스럽다

So here's the result when I'm done with doing my simple mascara, brows and cream (takes me approximately 7 minutes every morning lol):

I tend to be very lazy in make-upstyle but that makes it more special when I do something more on my face. Love this natural finish! No photoshop on the picture, just good lightning :) 예쁘다!! Even after a whole day of work my skin still looks good and healthy, altho the product doesn't bother the skin. 

I hope you all could try this Fav' of mine! Don't forget to hit like on our pages: Dr. Hallyu Official Page and My page (links are clickable!). Like and share to enter our contest for an amazing box full of Etude House magic!

xoxo 윤히 



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