Announcement: Site updates and new members

by: Jeffrey, Veronique, Timo, Yunhee posted: 2 years ago


Time for a big announcement and some updates. Firstly we have some sad news. Due to schoolwork Lilly has decided to take a break. Don’t worry she will return eventually, but school is her main focus for now. After a short discussion we decided that it was time for a bit of an expansion and started recruiting some new members. We found three lovely people and I will allow them to introduce themselves right now.


안녕! My name is Yunhee. From now on I will be here to guide you through Korean beauty and lifestyle, in my point of view. I will test products, review them and tip you so you can be all comfortable while purchasing yours. Also will we take sneak peeks in life hacks and will I take you to Korea with me every once in a while!


Hi there my name is Timo and I’m a new admin on this site! I am 19 years old and I’ve developed a huge interest in Korea over the years. Back in 2010 I watched Run Devil Run by SNSD and that got me into Kpop. That’s already 6 years ago, the time flies...

I only listened to popular bands like SNSD, Big Bang and 2NE1 at the time and didn’t really have any further interest besides these groups. But in 2013 I realised that I wasn’t the only one here in Holland that likes K-pop. I began to make friends on the internet and listen to more and more K-pop. I began to go to meetings and organize meetings at the time. And now I’m even a DJ at various K-pop parties!

When I started to watch K-Drama my love for Korean culture grew and in 2014 I went to Korea to experience even more. I went to Seoul and Busan and had a great time but since then I’ve learned so much more about Korea. I also learn Korean now at a Korean school in Amsterdam and would love to go back to Korea some day.


Hello everyone!

My name is Veronique and I'm 17 years old. This is the fourth year since my introduction into K-pop music. After that a major interest grew for Asian culture and language. I always had an interest in writing; it started with short stories and fanfictions but since this year I started writing blogposts on tumblr. Recently I got involved with this blog and it is like a dream coming true. Now I can write a blog ánd about my favorite interest. 

Next to K-pop I am also interested in the whole entertainment industry. Not only music grabs my attention but also tv, movies and theatre. Acting in musicals is my passion and since I know a lot about it, I decided to make a mix of all the things I love and combine them in one segment: "Screen and show". In this blog I will write about upcoming tv-shows, spectacular movies and the latest theatre shows. 




Now that we have a few extra members we will be changing a few things to our schedule. Not that we ever had a schedule, but now we will upholding one. Or at least we are going to try. We will be bringing you content each day of the week. We know that this sounds very ambitious, but believe us we really enjoy what we are doing and we hope you will too. The schedule will be something like you see below, but this is of course subject to change.


Monday -> Marcus: Album Review / Vocal Ranking

Tuesday -> Laura: Korean Culture Counseling

Wednesday -> Jeffrey: K-pop 101

Thursday -> Yunhee: Beatiful Life

Friday -> Veronique: Screen & show

Saturday -> Random post

Sunday -> Timo: Weekly Report


So we hope you will enjoy our content. Everyone has their own series, but from time to time we will be doing some takeover editions, you know, to keep things fresh and exciting. For a description of what all the series are about you can click on the series you wish to view in the sidebar.

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