Announcement: Dr Hallyu is back! And better than ever.

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago



Did you miss us? Probably not, but that doesn't matter. We went AWOL for more than 3 months without saying anything and we did that on purpose. We felt that things were slowing down quite a bit and decided to take some time off to regroup and focus on our studies. That doesn't mean we have been doing nothing of course, as you can see by the brand new website.

The new website

This new website has been made by yours truly from the ground up. The only thing that hasn't been done by myself is the template, because styling isn't my thing. The website started as a school project about a year ago. After the project was finished I decided to expand it a bit. That expansion kept continuing for the next year into something more than a school project. It became what you are looking at right now. I don't even know how many hours I spent on this website and I don't even care, it was all worth it. The website is currently made up out of three parts. Let me explain to you what they are.


The wordpress blog where Dr Hallyu was started has been transferred almost in it's entirety to the new website. Some posts had videos that were taken down and some posts we decided didn't fit the new style anymore, but most of the old posts have been transferred. This means you can still read all the 30+ posts we have written in the past. We will try to post regularly, but sometimes school and life just gets in the way.


I had the idea for this long before I started learning to program two years ago. There are a lot of profiles sites out there, but most of them are either not easy to use or just didn't have the information I wanted. So I decided to make something myself. The way it works is you can just type in a name and like magic, profiles will show up. You can then click on one of the names to go to a specific profile and view things more things like social media links and music videos. One thing I have to say is that the profiles are far from complete and they probably never will be. So many things happen in the Kpop industry each day that it's impossible to keep up. But we will try to keep everything updated as good as we possibly can.


This as what my little school project was. A quiz website where you could create and play quizzes about the subject of your choosing. And you guessed it, I chose Kpop of course. The creation part is done by the Dr Hallyu crew, but you can still play them. Or if you really want to you can still submit your own quizzes. Check out how to do that here. I think it's a great way to learn about some new groups or artists.


The website is far from done, better yet it will never be done. The reason for this is that I will keep adding new functionality to it. I keep learning new things about programming every day and I will incorporate those into this website. You can follow all the changes and new posts on our facebook page so be sure to give us a like over there. If you think that you have a great idea for a new addition to the website, just let us know. I might just actually build it.


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