Album Reviews: #6 TWICE - Page Two

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,

Welcome to another album review! This time I will be reviewing the much anticipated hot JYP girl group Twice. They came out with their new mini-album ‘’Page Two’’. I am also a Twice fan myself so I can’t wait to listen to their new album. Please enjoy my review!

1. Cheer Up

This song sounds a little bit less exciting than their previous title single ‘’Like Ooh Ahh’’. However, it has the same vibe as that song. In fact, I feel like the line distribution was very predictable and very similar to their last song. My personal opinion on this song is pretty positive. I like that they stuck to their color pop kind of sound where they mix multiple kind of genres into one song. It was catchy to me. Though I heard from other people they didn’t like the song or they needed a few more listens to actually enjoy it. In my case I was able to enjoy it the first time around. And I really like Momo in this song. She is my favorite member in this song.

2. Precious Love

I love that they chose to do a remake. This song sounds so old-school. I do have some complaints about the vocals. I feel like they could be way better on this song. I have to admit that they got better as the song progressed. This song is a song that really makes me happy and gives me a little bit of the Fin.k.l vibes. I think I will listen to this song again. I also like the line distribution. I feel like I heard all the members with equal parts.

3. Touchdown

Damn Jungyeon’s vocals begins to slay me early on in this track. This song sounds up-tempo and very tough compared to their other songs. It has a very catchy chorus and the line distribution is yet again on point. Also I have to give credit to Mina on this song. Her parts were great. This song is definitely jam material. The bridge also really got to me. In general, I think this song is really complete with good vocals and a lot of repeat potential.

4. 툭하면톡

The beginning of this song is great. It starts out very minimal with some cute/fierce vocals. In general, I think the song sounds good, but I think it’s a little bit all over the place. Jihyo’s adlibs and Mina’s vocals are what did it for me on this song. I also loved Chaeyoung’s rap by the way. The high notes at the end were also very impressive in my opinion. I think I will listen to this song again.

5. Whoohoo

This beat has a little bit of that Caribbean beat in the instrumental. I like it but it mixes weirdly with the melody and the vocals in the song. I think the vocals are too cute for the instrumental. Vocal wise I also don’t really think there are any highlights or things that make me crazy. I think the song has a unique sound but I also think it is a bit mediocre. The reason for this is that I don’t think I will put this song on repeat or listen to it again. But the base isn’t bad. I just think it could be better.

6. Headphone 써

I like the beginning of this song. It kind of brings you into the vibe of this song. Yet again Chaeyoung’s rap parts give me life. I like this song more as a song to listen to when you’re in a specific vibe rather than to listen to when I want to go crazy and dance. The bridge in this song with Jihyo was amazing in my opinion. The rest of the vocals don’t sound very great to me in my opinion. The members that stood out the most to me are Momo, Jihyo and Chaeyoung.

In general I don’t think this was a bad mini-album. I just thought it could be better. The reason for this is because the bars were set so high with their first mini-album. All the songs were so good. It is very hard especially for a rookie group to keep meeting the expectations of fans. I think this album was a great attempt and their fan base will support them no matter what (including me). But I have to be honest. In my opinion their previous album was better than this one. It’s still not a bad album, but it could be better. The members who were best in this album were in my opinion definitely Momo Chaeyoung, Jihyo and Mina.  I think I would give this album a 6,0. You can watch the Music Video below.

I hope you enjoyed my review and please tune in again next time. And don’t hesitate to share your own opinion on this album.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

*The 7th track ‘’I’m Gonna Be a Star’’ was a physical album only song. So I was not able to review that song.

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