Album Reviews: #12 - Taeyeon - Why

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Hello dear Patients and Readers!

Welcome to a new, pretty late, but new album review! This time it is time to get a taste of an album sung by the queen of OST’s. Of course I’m talking about Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon! I didn’t review her debut album, but she is too good to ignore so I decided to review her newest album "Why". Let’s hope I will enjoy it as much as her dedicated fans do!

1. Why

This song is pretty different from her previous release with "I". Her vocal game is just as strong, but the song itself has that techno feel about it. In my ears it’s a good summer song. I did not expect Taeyeon to come with a summer jam like this. This only shows that she can handle multiple genres like this and still slay big time. Even though it is not my favorite kind of music, I still enjoyed it very much.

2. Starlight (ft. Dean)

For some reason I got some throwback feels with this song. The song itself didn’t feel old-school, but there was something in the song that made it sound like they used elements from the 90’s. It could also just be me, haha. This song was a little less energetic than Why. I still liked it though. What I liked about it most, is that it was a song to just relax to. It didn’t need explosive vocals or amazing melodies. In this case less is more. I also think Dean was well chosen to feature in this song. His voice fit the mood of the song really well. I also want to compliment Taeyeon on her smooth vocals.

3. Fashion

I have mixed feelings about this song. There were parts that I loved and parts that I liked less. The reason for this is because I love Taeyeon’s voice, but this style of music is not really my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I liked most of the song, especially the high notes in the chorus. They took me by surprise. I also really liked the beat in the verses. They kind of reminded me of Iggy Azalea’s "Fancy".

4. Hands on Me

Honestly, I thought I would dislike this song because of the title. Teayeon didn’t seem like a person to release a song called "Hands on Me". The song and the claps were pretty catchy though. Actually it sounds very happy and I really like the song. It gives me the same vibes as Ariana Grande’s "Piano", and I also really liked that song.

5. Up & Down (ft. Hyoyeon)

Hyoyeon’s rap already slayed me before the song even started! That aside I like that this song is a mix of multiple music genres. It has a lot of Jazz to it, but it also has some R&B influences. I liked the song, but it was not one of my favorites from the album. I really liked the combination of Taeyeon and Hyoyeon though. They sound good together.

6. Good Thing

Oh my god, the trumpet in the chorus is amazing! I really like trumpet sounds in music. This song gives me the disco feels a little bit. It sounds like it could also be released by an older artist back in the days. By the way, did Taeyeon just rap on her own track in the bridge? I want to know what the good thing is that she is talking about. Her vocals were on point though. 

7. Night

Is she seducing someone in this song? The song sounds very smooth and laid back. Funny enough this track also reminds me of Ariana Grande. Not the way she is singing, but the style of the song itself. She is not helping her case by adding those high notes at the end though, haha. But the song is good. It is more of an easygoing song to just listen while lying in bed… at night.

In general, I think the album was pretty good and well balanced. I would have loved to have a ballad in here too though. Her voice is so fit for that. The general sound of the album is not really my style but since I enjoyed most of the songs I think it did pretty well. If I had to grade this album I would give it a 7.5. Please support Taeyeon and buy the album and don’t forget to watch the music videos below!

I really hope you enjoyed this album review!

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu



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