Album Reviews: #1 Miss A - Colors

by: Marcus posted: 4 years ago


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Dear patients and readers,

There is an urging matter that needs to be taken care of. Miss A recently released their 5th mini album named ''Colors'' after their last single ''Hush'', which was released in 2013. This album needs to be reviewed and since it cannot wait any longer, let's start with song #1

1: One Step

As the first song on the new album, it sets the tone and the expectation for the rest of the album. Although it's not really an uptempo and hyped song, it's something that you would expect from Miss A. It has that soulful touch and very smooth vocals from all the members. I feel that especially Min felt at home in this song. I think that Miss A tried to start off the album with a song that is very easy on the ears. In that case they succeeded.

2: Only You

Being the title song, this song brings a lot of expectations with it. I must say that I like the song, however I do think the song is lacking something. The song itself is really good and I like the beat breakdowns and the bridge, but somehow it doesn't feel like a Miss A song. It also felt like suzy got most of the lines, where usually the lines are evenly divided between the members. But other then that I really liked the melody of the song. It also really felt like Miss A's vocals have gotten even better throughout the time that they haven't been promoting.

3: Love Song

Now this was a pleasant surprise! Miss A really took it to the next level with this song. Ultimately this is not the kind of music that Miss A usually releases, but it fits them like Cinderella's glass shoe. I really wouldn't mind if they made more songs like this because they are slaying the track. What makes this song especially good is the violin aspect in the break. I also like that they keep the song soft in the beginning and middle and the the break hits! This is a really good song from Miss A. Maybe even the best on the album :).

4: Melting

This song is the perfect follow up song. I could even see this song being the title song. Because to be honest, I like this song more then Only You. The reason is because Miss A is sounding so fierce and the song has such an addicting melody and beat. Min's vocals at the end are like the icing on the cake for this song in my opinion. I would say this song is close to perfect and I sincerely hope Miss A releases more songs like this in the future.

5: I Caught Ya

Suzy herself wrote this song so I had high expectations. Although I don't really think this song fits with the rest of the album, on its own it's a pretty fun song. It's not a song that sounds very unique or a song that I would put on repeat for 500 times, but it's still a fun song for when you are in a good mood. Considering it's Suzy's first song I think she did a pretty decent job. I honestly didn't know she could write songs.

6: Stuck

For being the last song on the album, I really liked the easygoing flow. Especially since the songs before this one were pretty danceable and uptempo. It's nice to have a song to just sit and relax with. This song is written by no one other then Min! Which means that this is also her songwriting debut. I do think this song fits more on the album than Suzy's song. This because it goes along with that soulful and R&B kind of sound, where Suzy's song is very happy in the contrast. This is a song you play after a long day of work when drinking coffee and sitting on your soft couch. I think it's a good ending song to the album.

In general I really think Miss A evolved their sound to a new level. They are obviously experimenting with different sounds. I really like that. Let's just hope that they don't stray from their JYP roots too much hahaha. Also I like that once again this was a solid album like the rest of their albums. I did not get disappointed. I did think that almost every track on the album was better than the title song. This does not mean the title song is bad however. It just means that the rest of the album is so good that every song could be a title track.

I would give this album a 8/10.

We really hope you'll read all of our album reviews in the future and we also hope you enjoyed this one! Please anticipate more posts from us! Please watch the music video below the post.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Hallyu


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