Album Reviews: #3 LADIES' CODE - MYST3RY

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,


Welcome to a new long awaited post of Dr. Hallyu!

Today I will be doing an album review on the girl group Ladies' Code's new album called ''MYST3RY''.
The reason I decided to review this album is because I was anticipating their comeback for myself, because I really liked Ladies' Code.
Sadly the last time they promoted a comeback song something unspeakable happened and unfortunately the group lost two of their members,
EunB and Rise.

However today the only thing I wanna think about is celebration because the remaining girls can finally pick up where they left off with a fresh start.
The deceased members will always dearly be remembered and will never be forgotten.
This time the group is making a fresh start with a fresh new concept different from the concepts they have had before.
Hopefully the change will fit them like the shoe fit Cinderella.

1. My Flower

If you are not into slowjams or ballads then this is not the song for you. However It just happens to be my kind of music genre.
Listening to this song felt like entering a trance and having a very calm state of mind. 

What I like the most about this song is the kind of hypnotic vibe it brings with it. The vocals are so well mixed by the sound engineer.
I would also like to adress that Sojung's voice particularly stands out in this track and it adds to the unique feeling of the song.

I'm glad that they didn't go the expectational route and just experimented with their sound and did their own thing. This really suits them.
It is a unique yet refreshing and exciting way to start of an album. I can sense the vibe of the rest of the songs from this.

2. Galaxy

This track really gave me the ''Red Velvet - Automatic'' vibes. I think this song is a bit hard to get into if you're not usually into this type of music.
My opinion of this song on its own, is that it is close to the border of boring, however there is something about the instrumental and the vocals that makes the song special.

Especially the chorus part gives me the special feels in my tummy. It could be an easy fail yet it doesn't fail to entertain me.
Maybe it is because it has the Automatic vibes that I am having a hard time not liking the song. I believe this is a song that I could put on repeat for a long time.

The MV was well produced and I liked the amount of detail yet simplicity in the set that made the MV what it is now.
In general I think this song has great appeal and potential, however I think it is not a song for everyone to enjoy. I however enjoyed it a lot.

3. Chaconne

Oh my god the violin in the beginning made me feel a lot of feelings. Then they started singing and I was sold.
When they sing you can feel that they mean what they sing and it is not just another ballad.

What I also like is the instruments in the background. It gives the song a more foreign and unique feel to it.
To be honest after hearing this track I think they could very well be excellent ballad singing idols.

They showed that you don't need to scream and shout all the time to trigger the feels. Also I think they handled the line distribution perfectly in this song.
I really enjoyed listening to this.

In general I think this is a really solid single album. I didn't feel like there were any tracks that were there just to fill up the album.
I do however think they will lose some of their previous listeners, because the sound they produced on this album is not a sound that everybody usually enjoys.
It has a very unique flavour that some people might dislike, however I wanna give them props for making it authentic.
They showed that they will just make the music they want to make and show of their awesome and amazing vocals.

If I had to give the album a grade I would say:

Originality: 8,5
Quality: 9

I really hope you enjoyed this album review by Dr. Hallyu! Don't hestitate to watch the music video down below. Please anticipate the next album review where I will review Fantagio's new boygroup ASTRO's debut album.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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