Album Reviews: #9 - Jung Eunji - Dream

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,

Welcome to a brand new album review by Dr. Hallyu. This time I will be reviewing Apink Jung Eunji’s first solo mini-album. It has been named ‘’Dream’’. Hopefully it will be as sweet as a dream listening to this album. Though I have all the faith that it will happen with Eunji’s beautiful voice!

1. Hopefully Sky (ft. Harim)

From the very start this song sounded so soothing and peaceful. I also feel like this song shows more of Eunji’s grown up side. It shows that she is more than just a cute girl dancing on the stage. Even though it’s not a ballad, her voice really shines in this song and it establishes the theme for the album. This is really her own style and sound.

2. Love is Like the Wind

This song hit the right spot. The title says enough. Her voice is so loaded with emotions that I really can’t help but feel sad when I hear this song. I feel like she wrote it for someone. It kind of reminds me of the quote ‘’Our love is like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it’’. Just like this song. I can’t see her perform this song, but I feel what she is trying to say.

3. It’s Okay

This song is healing to the heart. The melody is very soothing and refreshing and Eunji’s voice is just so beautiful. Just the fact that she wrote and composed every song herself shows that she is a true musician. It is proven in this song. It is very beautiful!

4. Home

This song has something epic about it. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like it belongs in an OST for a Korean Drama. It’s a very unique sounding song. That harmony at the end leading up to her high note really had me grasping for air. I think this song is very well produced and I hope she will sing more songs like this one on OST’s.

5. Love is

This song is very beautiful! There is only one thing and that is that I think it sounds like a standard Korean ballad song. It is not necessarily bad, but I have the feeling that I heard it before. I know that is not the case but you know what I mean. There are a lot of songs that sound like this. The only thing that distinguishes this song from other ballad songs is that Eunji’s voice has her own unique sound.

6. Hopefully Sky (Piano Version)

You might not know this but I am a big fan of the piano and I really love piano versions of songs. I have to honestly admit that I love this version of the song even better than the original because I feel like the focus is more on her voice and just the beauty of the music instead of the big orchestra. Although there is nothing wrong with that, I just prefer piano versions of ballads.

In general I really enjoyed this album because I enjoy ballads in general and I love peaceful and soothing music. I especially love Eunji’s voice. I think she did a great job in creating this album. Even though I can understand it would probably not appeal to a lot of people because it is not really an album with bops on it. Though my score on this album would be a 7,0. In my opinion it is great but I think it will not appeal to a lot of people. You can watch the Music Video below.

This was the review. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please tune in again next time!

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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