Album Reviews: #2 BTS - In The Mood For Love Pt. 1

by: Marcus posted: 4 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,

As I am writing this article I am also listening to BTS' latest mini album that goes by the name of ''In The Mood For Love Pt. 1'' I am very excited because BTS is currently in the top 10 of my favourite kpop boy groups. Slowly but surely I will give you all a sneak peek of what's going on in my mind when I listen to the songs because I will probably fanboy. I hope I don't fanboy too much though hahaha.

1. Intro - The Mood Of Love

The moment I closed my eyes I was on the beach. I felt the soft summer breeze upon my cheeks as suddenly Suga was walking towards me. I could only see a glimpse of his face as the aurora of my fantasy took over. Then suddenly! That beat started. I noticed the intro was done by Suga and Suga alone. He was rapping like his life depended on it. I like it when rappers do that because then I feel like i'm listening to something passionate. If this is only the intro then I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

2. I NEED U (Title Song)

I just can't. To be very honest I did not expect the title track to be this good. Since I did not see any teaser I didn't know what to expect. What I heard was again passion, very addicting vocals and ofcourse rap like no other boy group can give to me. I could hear a lot of productional effort and quality has been put into this song. For the first time I actually think Jimin's part in this song are the best. I think his voice is very fiting for songs like this. This was a pleasant surprise and I hope to hear more songs from where this one came from.

3. Hold Me Tight

Them adlibs, them falsetto notes, them sensual melodies! Yes........ Yes........ I have a very stong feeling that this song is a more sensual version of I Need You because I felt that same loving vibe but then mixed with some R&B vocals to spice it up. I am not even gonna start about those notes at the end because they were flawless. Up till now I have not said anything negative about this album, but it's just so good. I can see they worked hard on this one.

4. Sick

Well damn. Doesn't this ever stop? If you guys know how much I loved ''Love Song'' from Miss A, then you'll probably already know that this one takesit to the next level. Where Love Song takes it slow, this one goes so hard that the glass of the invisible boundaries in my ears just broke.. That trap in the song is so unique and at the same time so addicting. The vocals in this song weren't spectacular in comparison with the previous songs, however that does not take away that this song is plain awesome and matches up with the other awesome songs on this album.

5. Red BangtanBoys

This song is so groovy. It reminds me of that 70's music. You can clearly hear they were having fun while recording this song. I can imagine it very well. This is a good song when you are sitting in your car on a warm and sunny day. You turn the speakers up load because this is the summer track of the year. At least it would be a good competitor. It is a very fun and danceable song. I would definitely recommend this for a spin on the radio.

6. Converse High

This is a nice song to listen to and a good cooldown from oal the hot and uptempo songs. I really like the chorus of this song. Although I don't think it is as amazing as the rest of the songs, I still think it fits really well with the rest of the songs.

7. Move

This feels give me those oldschool R&B songs feeling. I like that is has the tempo of a slowjam but at the sime time the rappers are going hard with their raps. I also really like the melody of the chorus. It really brings me to peace. I has the same effect on me as their song ''Just One Day'' also known as ''Haruman''. This is a really good song to listen to when you are relaxing and lying on your bed or on your sofa.

8. Outro - Love Is Not Over

Jungkook is slaying my ears. He starts the outro off with his smooth vocals and suddenly the other vocals start singing wth him with their voices sweet as honey. If my ears were a bee then this song would be honey. Even though it's just an outro I feel as if it's actually a full length song and I can hear that a lot of work has been put into making this outro. It is totally perfect for closing off this amazing album.

In general my expectations have been surpassed. This album has a solid sound and a very high productional quality. I also feel that the vocal line i this group has really improved since their last comeback. Every note was on point and it felt really good and easy to listen to. Because every song gave me such a high standard there was one song that wasn't as good as the others in my opinion, however it is still a good and fitting song.

If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8,5/10

I really hope you all enjoyed this album review and please anticipate the album reviews that i'll be writing in the future. Please do not hestitate to watch the music video down below!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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