Album Reviews: #7 - BtoB - Remember That

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,

Welcome to a new album review! This time I am really excited because I will be reviewing my number one all-time favorite male Kpop group BtoB’s new Mini-Album called ‘’Remember That’’. I am not only excited to hear my boys’ beautiful voices again but even more because I absolutely loved their latest two title track which were also ballads. So to put all our hearts at ease let’s get it on with the review.

1. Killing Me

This song is the first track on the album. However, unlike my expectation of an easy start they throw a mid-tempo song towards the listeners. The song sounds very sad but at the same it has some kind of epicness to it that I really like. I am really having a hard time trying not to swoon because of Sungjae and Eunkwang’s awesome voices. Even the rap parts in this song were good. I have to give props to the producers of BtoB’s songs because their albums never fail to amaze me. Hopefully the rest of the album is as good as this song.

2. Draw

Changsub starts off this song with his sweet and marshmallow sweet voice. Than Hyunsik continues slaying my ears. Than Sungjae had the nerves to slay my ears even more. Not even to talk about the vocals. This song sounds so sweet. While listening to this song,  I felt some kind of happiness in my heart. I can’t really explain what it is. Just the combination of their talent combined with the amazingness that is this song. It makes me feel happy and warm inside.

3. Remember That

This song sounds like the song you hear at the ending credits at an amazing and dramatic movie. What I mean with this is that I think the scale of artistry is above just Kpop. I don’t know any other group that would take a risk like this to bring out a ballad like this. It doesn’t happen often in Kpop. The only other group that I know that would make song like this is DB5K. The harmonies are on point and every vocal sings so flawlessly. In addition, when the rappers rap they don’t just rap. I feel like they mean every word they say. I feel blessed when listening to this song because I just feel good inside and I appreciate BtoB so much for making music like this despite them debuting in Kpop with up-tempo songs.

4. Anymore

Coffee commercial is the first thing that came into my head when this song started playing. This is actually the first really up-tempo song on this album. It reminds me a bit of their ‘’WOW’’ era. It doesn’t necessarily sound amazing. I do think it is refreshing to switch up the sad and slow vibe with an up-tempo song. It sounds good but I have heard better up-tempo songs from them. It does not take away the fact that it is a good song though. I actually like Peniel’s rap in this song a lot.

5. So Pretty

Why does this song sound like a 2007 era 2PM/BigBang song? I have to admit that I really like the chorus of this song. It really has that old-school R&B vibe to. However, despite a lot of Kpop groups making songs like this these says, I still feel like this song has something unique. And like always their vocals and rap are on point. I feel like they had more creative freedom on this album. I think this is low-key a song that I would put on repeat when lying in bed reading some Marvel comics.

6. Just Like You

Yet again Changsub slays my ears by starting off the song with his mellow voice. I feel like this song would perfectly fit a drama OST. It really has that OST vibe to it. I really liked Ilhoon’s rap in this one. What I like most about this song though is the harmonies in the background when they are singing. It gives me the DB5K feels yet again. Also it is very soothing to the ear. Especially the bridge to the last chorus hit the spot.

7. Empty Space

For a song called ‘’Empty Space’’ it sounds awfully happy. I really like that they are ending the album with a happy and uplifting song. To lift your spirits after all the emotionally loaded ballads. While listening to this song I also got really happy. They have the group singing in the background at some parts but in a very playful way. It reminds me of what Block B did on ‘’HER’’. It really makes this song what it is and I hope it will spread happiness to a lot of people.

I didn’t know this album would slay me this hard. Yes, I expected it to be good because it is BtoB and I usually like what they release. But I have to admit they really outdid themselves on this one. I feel like every song (except ‘’Anymore’’) was unique and could have been a single. They each had their own identity without sounding like an album filled with the same songs. What I appreciate most about BtoB’s albums is that they put their heart and soul into their vocals and I think they deserve more recognition for that. I am especially impressed that such an amazing group is from cube. I hope they keep coming out with albums as good as this one. I would definitely give this album an 8,7. You can watch the Music Video below.

I hope you enjoyed this album review and please anticipate the next one!

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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