Album Reviews: #4 ASTRO - Spring Up

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Hello my Readers and Patients,


Today  I will be doing another album review. This time by a rookie boygroup that goes by the name of ASTRO. They are from Fantagio, the same company that created HelloVenus. I will be lostening to their album tracks for the first time as i'm eriting this post to give you all my full, fresh and honest opinion on the songs. I will also not be biase because I basically don't know any of the members well, however maybe this review will trigger me to want to get to know them more. We will see haha. The name of their album is ''Spring Up''.


1. OK! Ready! Spring Up!

The track starts of in a really calm yet happy way. It is obviously to build a certain mood for the rest of the album.
It is an intro track without really any recorded vocals. At the end you kinda get a sneak peek of their title track. Usually I don't listen to intro tracks, but this one was really simple yet it didn't fail to bore me out because it actually got me wondering what the rest of the album would sound like.

2. Hide & Seek

The first thing that cae to my mind was that the concept of this video was very cute. Most boygroups these days want to promote with hiphop, techno or ballad songs. However this group does the cute concept. And in my opinion they pulled it off perfectly without being cringeworthy or cliche. They really reminden me of B1A4 in their OK era. The song also had the same kind of feel to it. I also appreciate that they sometimes switched it up in the song when the beat changed in the bridge part. I also noticed that all the members are pretty equally talented, however I also didn't find any member that really stood out in vocals or rap. Maybe I need to hear more from them to really judge their talents. Overall this song was really enjoyable to listen to and I really look forward to the rest of their album.

3. Innocent Love

I was really excited when the track started and I noticed it was a ballad. I am a huge ballad lovers and especially if the songs are done justice by great voices. O this note I will say that ASTRO did not disappoint. It didn't sound like a standard korean drama that you hear in every drama. Instead it had a little bit of an epic sound to it. The members were not afraid to throw their throat open and I feel that they have great potential with these kind of voices. You really feel the emotions they are trying to portrey when you hear the sing. I really appreciate that they gave it their all. I really loved this song.

4. Morning Call

Starting a song off with guitar is always a plus for me. The song itself sounds so sweet. Up to now I have to commend this group for their greatvocals in their tracks. I feel that in this group there is no one falling short in terms of talent. The melody of the song sound almost nostalgic. A little bit like Jesse McCartney at his debut with Beautiful Soul. It is one of my favourite genres of music. I wanna give props to the one who wrote and produced this song because I love this song to death. It sounds so sweet and soothing to the ear.

5. Puss In Boots/Cat's Eye

Really they have yet to disappoint me because again this song sounded very good and enjoyable to me. In this song I especially liked the rap parts and the melody. What really struck me this tme is how beautiful one of their voices is. It reminds me of a young Junsu kind of voice a la TVXQ 2004. What more can I say haha. This song was in my opinion the least unique sounding song on the album. Nonetheless it was still a very enjoyable song to get you in a happy mood.

Overall I think this is one of my favourite debut albums of 2016. Fantagio did a great job forming this group and producing these songs. For some reason I get sucked in by Fantagio artists in general. I already loved HelloVenus to death, but I also really love the Fantagio trainees in Produce 101. And now this group happens to me. I must say I am very impressed andI will definitely followthis group in their future projects.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Please anticipate my next review. Please watch the music videos down below!


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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