Album Reviews: #5 Fiestar - A Delicate Sense

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,


Welcome to a new CODE BLUE:ICU Album Review! Today I will be reviewing none other than Loen’s Fiestar. They came out with their new Mini-Album ‘’A Delicate Sense’’ on the 9th of March. Their title song is called ‘’Mirror’’. After their previous successful comeback, ‘’You’re Pitiful’’, the fans (including me) have been waiting for and anticipating this comeback. Let’s quickly get to the review!

1. A Sip of Lips

The song starts off with a very lively vibe. To me it even sounds like a mixture of a western soundtrack and a 90’s groove song. I know it is a weird comparison haha but I it just the vibe I get with this song. It mixed a couple of genres in one to create the uniqueness of this song. Yezi’s rap on this song is fire. About the rest of the vocals I’m not so sure. I feel like I am missing something vocal wise. It is definitely not a bad song but I don’t think I would listen to it again.

2. Mirror

This is not only the title song but also my favorite song on this entire album. Although I think it sounds a lot like their previous title song ‘’You’re Pitiful’’, I have to admit that I like this song even more. The reason for this is that the vocals in the chorus mixed with the melody are such a perfect match. I kind of feel like this is a song with the arrangements from ‘’You’re Pitiful’’ mixed with the feeling and vibe of ‘’One More’’, one of their previous title tracks. In general I think this is a song that I will put on replay for at least a few months. Fiestar you did it again!

3. Mr. Black

To be very honest this has to be my favorite song on the album next to Mirror. Just the beat on the background and the rest of the instrumental are so awesome and so alternative. It gives me goosebumpy feels inside. Yet again Yezi slays the rap game on this track. Unlike ‘’A Sip of Lips’’ The vocals fit this song very much and they complement the instrumental. There is really no highlight on this song though. Not even a high note, however I don’t think this song needs it though. It is just fine the way it is.

4. Thirst

To be honest when this song started I already knew it would be some kind of female usher song. It sounds like a song you play when you’re making babies. It seems legit though because the title of the song is ‘’Thirst’’. I have to complement the group though. The vocals on this song are no joke. Not in a way that they are like Ailee level, but in a way that I don’t think a lot of other idol groups would be able to sing this song with so much passion. That falsetto followed by that run in the end really got me.

5. Come and Go

The chorus of this song is so unique. It sounds a bit funny to me. It is absolutely not bad but it sounds so weird yet so good. I really can’t explain my opinion on this song because I don’t even know myself. I think I would definitely listen to it again but I don’t know what it is that appeals me to this song. It gives me some certain vibes. Almost like I have heard it somewhere before. Anyway It sounds good and funny. Hopefully other people will like it too.

 This is the end of my review. In general I like the album. It is definitely an album that distinguishes this group from other groups in the business. They really have their own sound. However, I wouldn’t say it is one of my favorites. It is good in its own right. I hope a lot of fans will appreciate their music and support them further in their career. I would give this album a 6,8. You can find the music video for ''Mirror'' below the post.

I hope you all enjoyed my review. Please keep reading Dr. Hallyu and also please tell me your opinion on this album if you have heard it.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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