Album Reviews: #11 - AOA - Good Luck

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,

Welcome to a brand new album review by Dr. Hallyu! This time I will be doing AOA’s newest album Good Luck!

1. Good Luck

This song is very danceable. From the first time I heard the chorus I instantly knew this song was jam material. I also like that this song experiments with mixing AOA’s signature sound with a more urban and r&b sound. The song is very catchy and I will definitely listen to it more often.

2. 10 Seconds

This song really reminds me of Wonder Girls’ reboot album. The instrumental really gives off that 80’s vibe. I kind of like it but on the other side the song doesn’t really stick in my head. It sounds more like a filler song to me. It could also be just me. I am just not really feeling the song much.

3. Cherry Pop

This song sounds so happy! The melody however is all over the place I have no idea if I really like the song or not because it has so many different aspects. I can’t really put my finger on this one. It is not really my kind of song. I am not saying it is a bad song but it has something weird to it that pushes me away. However, I really enjoyed Jimin’s slaying on this track and the great vocals. Especially those high notes in the end.

4. Boy

Oh my god this song really sounds like it was ripped straight out of T-ara’s repertoire! I am not saying it’s a bad thing though. I am really indifferent about it to be honest haha. They really fit this kind of sound. The song sounds nice and unique. I wouldn’t listen to it again though because it didn’t really catch my attention that much. It is nice to listen to but it is not that special in my opinion.

5. Still Falls the Rain

This song starts out as a very promising ballad. As the song continued I was more and more convinced that this song is very amazing. It is very well composed and I really love the melody and line distribution. I was also impressed by the vocals in this song. It really proves that AOA has some very good vocalists. This is a song that I definitely want to hear again.

In general, the album was okay in my opinion. I really liked Good Luck and Still Falls the Rain. The rest was okay but not exceptional. I would rate this album with a 6,2. But remember, this is my personal opinion. Please state your own opinion in the comments down below. You can also watch the MV for Good Luck down below.

Please anticipate our next album review!

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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