About us

Dr. Hallyu began in December of 2014 as a wordpress blog started by Marcus. Shortly afterwards Laura and Lilly joined the team. In March Jeffrey of 2015, after seeing a facebook post, also decided to start writing.

During this time Jeffrey was also busy on his own website for school. Eventually the project ended, but he decided to work on it a little bit more. After many revisions the website started taking shape and could actually be used as a legitimate website. In what proved to be a very short discussion the team decided to join up the wordpress blog and the little schoolproject into what you are looking at right now.

For a while the team then got expanded by Timo, Yunhee and Veronique. But unfortunately after several months, they could no longer find the time to write for the website anymore due to schoolwork. The same thing happened to Marcus, Lilly and Laura, so Jeffrey decided to start anew with new writers.

And guess what? One of those writers could be you. If you are interested send an e-mail to info@drhallyu.com.

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey van Gessel

Hi there. My name is Jeffrey and I am the web developer for this website. I was born in 1988, so quite old for a K-pop fan. I can’t even remember when my interest for Asia started. It all started with the most obvious thing everyone starts with: anime. Through anime openings I got into J-pop groups like Morning Musume and AKB48. Naturally my interest expanded into figures and cosplay. At the start of 2010 I heard some funny music as a backing track for a 8 second youtube video. It was Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara. At that moment I didn’t know what this thing called K-pop was, but I found it very interesting. After watching a couple of music videos I was totally hooked. It was that day my journey into the rabbit hole began... and I never got out. I mostly work on expanding the functionality of the website and it's profiles, but whenever I'm in the mood (and have time) I write a blog post. I hope you enjoy our content.

Jitske Breit

Daniel Lee

Following Kpop from afar (with the occasional visit to Korea!), I first got into kpop back in 2009 when GG arrived with Gee. For a couple of years, k-pop was the only thing I listened to. Then I went cold turkey for 2-3 years when I started University...before I discovered Twice. Now, I am back and looking forward to learning more about the much bigger phenomenon than what it was back in 2010.